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Tinntrådarbeid med Norma Refsal

Tinntrådarbeid med Norma Refsal frå Vest-Telemark.no
Raulandsakademiet as Akademiet 2, Rauland 3864 Rauland
Torsdag 6. juli 19.00 – 15.00
Join Norma Refsal (Norwegian-American, course taught in English) for a 3-day course in working with tinntråd. Participants will learn how to construct bracelets from reindeer leather, pewter thread and a reindeer antler button. The work is inspired by Sami design, using traditional materials, with the freedom to create your own personal style within the framework of commonly used construction methods. Participants will make 1-2 bracelets of different designs, learn how to make a ring inspired by the same technique, and as time allows, begin other projects, with the understanding that they may have to complete them on their own after the course is over.

Kurs kr 3800,- Opphald og mat kr 2940,-
Påmeldingsfrist 22. mai.

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